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Oct. 11th, 2010


Akuma no Koi Guitar Chords

 So finally, after 10 years.. At last..

I already completed/knew Akuma no Koi chords *bows*

Fortunately, Yuma mode ako.

Yuma is just too awesome~~~~

[Proof: watch mo Koishite Akuma. XD]

Errmm anyway... I really had a hard time looking for it's chords yo so i end up knowing up by myself tru my instincts LMAO

I cant say that this is the real chords yo... demo.. i hope you'll like it minna.
I think i'll post my cover soon.. i mean soon.... after our nerve-cracking finals. ^^

So this is it..

Akuma no Koi
by: YUMA NAKAYAMA with B.I Shadow Boys

just give me your smile... Kentoo!!~~Collapse )

Oct. 1st, 2010


[On-going] Shinku: Will you believe my story?

I'm a writer of many unfinished fics. *laughs*
I only finish one-shot ones but even it's one-shot.. It's kinda longgg~~ *laughs again*
Well minna-san, i became a hilarious writer whenever i write tag-lish fics.
But this time, i have to be serious. *puts eyeglasses.*

Sorry for the narration. I'm no good in narrating english fics XD
The some parts of the story are not original ok. It’s kinda adapted to Boku wa Imouto Koi o S.uru


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Yuma Nakayama with B.I Shadow Wallies and Icons

I dunno why i'm so enthausiastic in editing pics right now [i even forgot to type my school papers and fanfics (readers at FB. Hontoni gomenasai. ^^)]. Haha XD I always sleep at 12mn everynight and my mom always yells on me..

I made it last night yo~~~
I think i like cute stuffs naa~~ XD

This wallpaper are requested yesterday yo~~

Kento Nakajima: Triciaken Mazushima (tomodachi from FB)


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Sep. 30th, 2010


Wallpapers and icons... Anyone? [Updated]

 These are random wallpapers I've created these past few boring days. Since there's no internet [yeah... shiat i can't watch School Kakumei~~ *kills myself*], i spent my time editing, and well, watching JUMP Concert. XD

I also fell inlove with Yuma Nakayama.. Wohooo~~~ Kawaii kawaii AKUMA NO KOI!!~~~

I hope you'll like it minna!! ♥////////////////////♥

PS: I'm not good because i'm a beginner yo~ And i'm not using Adobe Photoshop.

I think I became lame in editing this pic yo.. I think there's something wrong. [baka GIMP baka.]


Sep. 28th, 2010


Yoroshiku naa~~~



It's my first time using Livejournal yo~
It's because of the JUMP Community here. I've been visiting that site for almost 8 months [new HSJ fan deshou?]. And also because of fangirls staying here. ^^ There are lots of HSJ fans here than in Multiply. AMPF.

But, i'm not fond of posting blogs. >.<

[i hope i will have  a good time here ya~~~]

Yoroshiku minna ^^

Love love and peace~~~Collapse )